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No new chapter this week, but Blue Moon Chevalier will be returning soon.

A bit of an update on where this project is going. Blue Moon Chevalier has always been a kind of experimental project for me, where I can just build my skills and push myself to tell stories in a different setting than I normally do. Most of my writing has been spent in traditional fantasy worlds, and in many ways I wanted this story to be kind of an extension of that…but in space.

However, I also wanted to test the web serial idea, and work on writing a story week to week. This has been a great experience, but its also revealed some problems in this iteration of Chevalier. While I was intrigued by the different races and planets and ideas, I felt as if Chevalier himself wasn’t really what I wanted him to be. As I wrote I liked the character less and less, and the plot got too big too fast for me.

Normally, if this was just a draft on my computer, this would be the point where I’d simply delete everything I have and restart. I’ve done this….a lot of times over the years…which is probably why I don’t have any books published lol.

However, with this being a web serial, I didn’t want to just go back and delete all the old chapters. And so I’ve decided to declare them apocrypha – that is to say, no longer canon. This is kind of a mental reset, and I’m excited to give Chevalier another stab. I think I understand what I want to do a lot better now, and while I thought about introducing some sort of deus ex thing to “reset” the story (like a black hole or an alien or some sort of time travel etc), I didn’t think that would be good either. It’s better to just do a pseudo fresh restart.

What does that mean? I’m still kind of figuring that out. Most of the characters and plot points from these old chapters will still pop up, but the next chapter will be a soft reset. I’m going to kill the Calypso Templar plotline and we’re going to pretend like we’re just starting a fresh adventure with Chevalier, Selene, and Kellen.

As a side note, if you’re here because you enjoy my other web serial, Dungeons Are Bad Business, on Royal Road, thanks for stopping by and checking out this work. Things are a little janky around here right now, but I promise that it’ll eventually be sweet.


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